Drivers Notice.

Daily Walk Round Checks.

It has come to my attention that walk round checks are not being carried out correctly in all cases.

Last week (Monday 4thFeb to Sunday 10thFeb) at Imperial there was a total of 165 shifts carried out. Of which we had 6 positive defect sheets handed into the office. This equates to to only 3.6% positive defects throughout the whole fleet.

Now I know you might be thinking that this is good, “All the vehicles must be in such a good condition”.

This simply is NOT the case. It is impossible we can have 35 vehicles leave the yard on a daily basis and only one of those vehicles has only one defect.

This is to remind you all of your legal duties as a PSV Driver, and also our policy at the company which helps us to conform to the law in our own way.

Firstly, when you just tick all the boxes and hand a blank sheet into the office YOU as the driver of the vehicle are filling out a legal form which is a legal requirement saying that your vehicle has been checked by YOU saying there is absolutely no faults on your vehicle.

If you then get stopped by, DVSA or any of the other authorities that are legally allowed to stop you and you have a defect on your vehicle which has not been put onto a sheet, YOU as the driver will be liable to penalty points and fines.

It is our responsibility to ensure that you understand your duties.

This is a brief guide to your checks, you will be required to re-sign the walk round check policy in turn.

  1. You must carry out your walk round check before you take your vehicle out of the yard in the morning.
  1. The form must be filled in FULL. This includes your FULL name (not “J Smith” or “John S”). The full reg of the vehicle must be on the sheet (not “MSJ’ for NJ15 MSJ). The correct mileage must be on the sheet. The date must be clear.
  1. The white top sheet must be taken out of your book and posted into the letter box at the operations window. This is our policy and it is in place to confirm that you have carried out a check before leaving the yard. If there is no sheet in the post box after you have left, then it will be assumed that you have NOT carried out a check.
  1. If there are any faults on your vehicle that you are unsure as to whether the roadworthiness of the vehicle you must speak to the operations team (Av, Dean, Daniel or Joe) for further instruction.
  1. If you are working away from the depot (overnight somewhere) and you have a fault with your vehicle then you must call the office for further instructions.
  1. There may be times when you have taken your vehicle out of the yard and then a fault has come to your attention. In this case if the fault is serious you must call the office. If it is less serious (Internal light bulb blown, Headlight stopped working) then all you need to do is fill out another defect sheet and hand it into the office on your return.
  1. From time to time the company will carry out quality checks on defect reporting, this may include following you round whilst you do your check or maybe check the vehicle before you do your check. This is for us to monitor the quality of your daily walk round checks.

If any driver has any questions regarding the procedures above, then please speak to the office for help.