Bus Service Terms & Conditions

1. Payment

1.1 All payments for tickets are via Credit / Debit Card and Direct Debit from the bank. All these payments must be done via our website.
1.2 Direct Debits will be taken over 5 months ending in May 2020.
1.2.1 Any direct debits that are returned unpaid will incur a £25 admin fee.
1.2.2 Direct Debits that are cancelled will result in the pass being removed and travel refused.
1.2.3 Once a Direct Debit has been cancelled the service will only be resumed with payment via Credit / Debit Card for the full remaining amount of the pass.
1.2.4 Direct Debit scheme will be cancelled after the second attempt at collecting the money has failed.

2. Behaviour

2.1 Students are required to arrive at the bus stop 5 min before the scheduled time of departure.
2.2 All students are required to show their passes to the driver on entering the bus.
2.3 Imperial Coaches accepts no responsibility for the safety of the students, either before boarding or after leaving the bus.
2.4 Any changes to school finish time will be notified by the school to parents.
2.5 Students are required to keep the bus clean and take any rubbish with them.
2.6 It is the students responsibility to take all their belongings with them when leaving the bus.
2.6.1 All lost property enquiries must be made via the following form, click here.
2.6.3 There is an admin fee of £5 for collection of lost property. This charge covers all aspect of the admin of lost property and is non negotioable.

3. Complaints

3.1 All complaints must be dealt with via email to or in writing to;

Bus Enquiries
Imperial Coaches Ltd
307-311 Colnbrook Bypass

3.2 Complaints must not be made directly to the drivers of the service.

4. Cancellations

4.1 Journeys that are not carried out due to the companies own fault you will be reimbursed as credit.
4.2 If the service can not run due to severe weather there will be no issue of refunds.
4.3 In the event of force majeure and the service is cancelled which is beyond our control there will be no refunds.
4.4 Tickets that are purchased can be cancelled after the first 7 days after ticket issue. After the first 7 days has passed there will be no issues of refunds for passes.

5. Passes

5.1 Buses operate on a no pass no travel basis.
5.1.1 Only original passes are accepted.
5.2 If you have lost your pass you will be required to purchase a replacement via our lost pass link. Click Here at a charge of £20.
5.3 If you are found making copies of your pass for other passengers you will be refused travel. Any fraudulent use of passes will result in a ban from services.

6. Subcontracting

6.1 We reserve the right to sub contract the routes to our approved operators.
6.2 Any complaints regarding subcontractors should be made to not directly to the subcontractor.