Thank you for your purchase of a ticket on our service.

Your pass will be handed to the student on the first day of travel by the driver of the service.

Whilst we will endeavour to provide you with a first class service, there are going to be times where things could go wrong. In this case we will make available on our website any service disruptions. This may include delays, traffic or diversions. The link for this page can be found here. (It would be advisable to bookmark the page for future use).

Please make note of the following terms and conditions regarding the route.

  • All students must arrive to their designated bus stop 5 min before the departure time.
  • Passes MUST be shown to the driver on both the inward and outward journeys.
  • Defaced /damaged passes must be replaced online.
  • Lost passes must be replaced online here.
  • Our drivers will not tolerate any bad behaviour on our vehicles. All bad behaviour will be reported to the respective school.
  • All lost property must be dealt with via our online system here. No lost property enquiries will be dealt with on the telephone.

All the terms and any other answers to your questions can be found on our FAQ’s page on our website.